Our Environmental Commitment

ACCO Australia is committed to active strategies and programs towards environmental sustainability and awareness.

Environmental Policy

ACCO Australia is committed to managing all our operations in an environmentally responsible manner at all times.

To meet this commitment we will ensure that:

  • all aspects of our operations comply with relevant environmental legislation, regulations, licence conditions and codes of practice;
  • community expectations concerning management of our operations are considered and communicated;
  • programmes for continuous improvement and prevention of pollution are established.

Packaging Covenant Action Plan

ACCO Australia is a signatory to the Australian National Packaging Covenant (APC) and we are continually working with our fellow Covenant signatories and packaging suppliers to minimise the environmental impacts associated with our packaging material.

Click here to view ACCO Australia’s five year Packaging Covenant Action Plan (2010-2015).

Click here to view ACCO Australia’s Packaging Covenant Annual Report (2012-2013).

Click here to view ACCO Australia’s Packaging Covenant Annual Report (2011-2012).

Click here to view ACCO Australia's Packaging Covenant Annual Report (2010-2011).

Click here to view the Appendix to ACCO Australia’s Packaging Covenant Annual Report (2011-2012).

Click here to view the Appendix to ACCO Australia's Packaging Covenant Annual Report (2010-2011).

E-waste Recycling

In a bid to reduce the propensity to litter as well as reduce post consumer electronic waste, household and small business users are now able to recycle e-waste through designated drop-off points under the National Television and Computer Recycling Scheme. This includes computer peripherals that we distribute through our commercial and retail network within Australia. End consumers are requested to click the link below to view the available locations for the designated ‘Drop Zones’ (http://www.dropzone.org.au/) in and around their vicinity.

  Buy Recycled Policy

  1. Purpose

    ACCO Australia Pty Ltd (‘the Company’) understands and recognizes that it has a responsibility to the environment, customers, suppliers and staff to promote the use and buy recycled content products wherever deemed and practicable and environmental beneficial.

    As a signatory of the Australian Packaging Covenant we are committed to comply with the objectives set out as part of our KPI’s.

  2. Scope

    This policy applies to the purchase of organisational use and operational use materials and products conducted for on behalf of ACCO Australia Pty Ltd.

    1. Organisational use products and materials: Items used in our day to day office and warehouse; for instance, printing paper, toner, cleaning supplies, furniture, archiving boxes.

    2. Operational use products and materials: Operational products and materials, such as pallets used in our warehouse to maintain our products and the packaging material use to deliver our products.

  3. Definitions

    1. Environmentally beneficial : Minimise the overall environmental impact based on sound science and a whole-of-lifecycle approach.

    2. Practicable : Reasonably capable of being accomplished; feasible; meets cost, performance, safety and regulatory requirements.

    3. Recycled content : The proportion, by mass, of recycled material in a product or packaging. Only pre-consumer and post-consumer materials are considered to be recycled content (AS/NZS ISO 14021:2000, Environmental Labels and declarations-self declared environmental claims).

  4. Buy Recycled Policy

    Where practicable, environmentally beneficial and dependent on consumer demand and product requirements, the Company will endeavour to:

    1. Purchase products and materials with recycled content

    2. Substitute existing products and materials with recycled content; and

    1. Require contractors and suppliers to specify the quantity of recycled materials within the products and/or materials to be supplied.

      The following will be considered in evaluating the feasibility of procuring products with recycled content or which are recyclable, since the market and our organisational strategy determines the extent of our ability to procure recycled / recyclable products as part of our product offering to the market:

  • Availability : Whilst recycling of all materials is on the increase, not all items are available with recycled content and there may simply not be enough recycled material available to produce all of the products we currently use.

  • Cost: Due in part to availability, the costs of some recycled material can be greater than virgin material, which in turn drives our product offering to the customer base / market.

  • Performance: In some cases, recycled material can lack the performance integrity offered by virgin material. This problem is generally decreasing, while most materials can be tested for strength to ensure they will fulfil customer requirements.